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whatever following I develop, pardon me, Iím retarded
air pollution, plus I think itís suhím in the water
Iím half-way in a bitch, pardon me queeny
thatís how I train Ďem...who was all in the building
a friend aí mine, my finger all in her kitten
when I was a younginí spitting x-rated visions
not an x-ray can get any glimpse of my business
twin, I do not lose, peneil is the prison
twenty years was the hiatus [bid], he should know Ďcause he spit it
around a couple bitches...since esauís vow to kill him
got closer than a mahfucka, but Iím copesetic
they got the sun on him hard for any motion to set-trip
what I seen? that was 1974 circa
3.5 years from my birth was the bulís [napolean] birthday
born of ajjacio, say if you asked me though
the GangIs me, just say yaí prayers and thank me though...
...shii, Iím coming to get daínero, money
act out a scenario in rio de janeiro, money
roll from bangkok to cairo, lovely
you ainít get it though, you can get it anywhere though, trust me
hush bitches, and get the bloodís rushing to my
dic out in the field identified by, uh,
lucy gave my dick the condom, so, it ainít shit that anybody doing
the dumb bitches just best to give the bushes to me
Iím drilling for oil, shell do whatever it takes for me
Iíll put an end to her blues gracefully
anything nice is getting heisted as usual
by the time they paid up any credit, they unusable
might sound a liíl jibberish for now but Iím literate
it come back around to me breaking it down more in a liíl bit...

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