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Originally Posted by diggy View Post
I provided sufficient links which if u read thru to the bottom, u would have seen the authors of the books ( some of them are historians) they were referenced from. You could have then done more research to discover the truth.
-I directly rebutted your claims based on theirs. They do not correlate. They are not claiming the Hebrews were "black". At best, they claimed they were Afro-Asiatic. That is not Sub-Saharan African, ie. Congoid.

Originally Posted by diggy View Post
I am just stunned that u cannot see the truth. I guess that statement of "none so blind as those who refuse to see" applies to you unfortunately. The lies of the slave master and his proponents have gotten to you to the core.
-You are stunned that I'm not a fool. Your ad-hominem statements are a testament to your lack of understanding of fact, logic, and proper research. You speak from the point of view of someone in search of pride in yourself, and I already have that pride. I don't need the "white man" or the "black man" to instill in me a sense of pride because I already have pride in myself, my heritage, and my known ancestry. THAT is what you lack, my friend, and until you learn that you will continue on a distructive path to mythological education.

[QUOTE=diggy;1203102]Ironic that u are a moderator of a Wu-Tang site who believes what u do.QUOTE]

-Is it ironic that a moderator on a Wu Tang website has a mind of his own? Is it ironic that I am educated? Is it ironic that I don't bend to fragile arguments and easily pick them apart? Is it ironic that I am versed on discredited historians, historical claims, and discredited pseudo-religions? It's not ironic. I have faced these people on the corners in Manhattan and Philadelphia. I have been pulled away by large groups of African-Americans who supported my arguments, but saw I was getting nowhere with these fools. I have pulled away groups of listeners from them in public, denouncing their out of context verses, fantastic claims, and exposing them as the uneducated propagandists that they are. Why is this ironic? I have LIVED this... not just read it on the internet and staked my own credibility on the words of another as you do...
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