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Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
LMAO..right now, after workin in the sun all year, i'm burnished bronze too. But im not black. Black isnt a color, its a style of nose, hair and lips.
-I took a ride through Alabama once (with a scared Somalian friend) and stopped at a restaraunt called "The Cotton Patch". He was afraid because they had a giant Confederate flag on the roof, and I told him they were not necessarily racist, rather the restaraunt was on the site of a Civil War battle. I convinced him to go in, and we walked in and were hit with- not racist stares- but what we perceived to be admiring gazes. The waitresses were fine as hell, and super nice to us. Funny thing is everyone was white RACE- but darker than both of us because they worked all day in the hot ass sun. Their skin looked tough and leathery... the younger waitresses' skin didn't look as tough but it was as dark. They would come to our table two at a time and one would talk while the other would just stare and smile at us. It seemed like the biggest even for them to have blacks come eat at their diner... maybe they had other thoughts... I don't know... but they treated us great. I will always remember their skin color, because it was the first time I had seen a white person darker than me...
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