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ChristO crouching tiger
Default sutr, yeah, theres six points to this davids web
and I was born as what the born ultimatum is
christ ressurection in process of cleaning the streets
crippled niggas be meaningless is what the blues mean to me
dude came to me in 98, a vessel, mental
I said them punks aint getting the battery, and I meant it
Im busy feeling the schizophrenic burn-out to my nervous system
as it turned out, later on, some threat to put burners to me?
man, Im like, look, what epidemic? fuck a medic
took medicine only a day, fuck a menace
walked about the streets like Im a catch up to em
walked through use for yall to talk to em
shit, I am legend, they can lay on a chalkboard
get traced, no trace, twin got applause for em
cutting straight-to-the-chase, until my paws on him
I know life cycles, I can put shit on pause on him
certified hit on me and my nig? Im all on him
allahs on him all shifts, like the laws on him...

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