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Originally Posted by STYLE View Post

thinks the white race is superior.
I don't believe in race
friends use "nigger" when he's not around.
most of my friends are africans blacks and wiggers, but continue
laughs with them at their african/black jokes.
i usually say "dude that was gay" and it ends, unless it's funny like, Matius calling himself Niggerachi on Halo and getting all the racist halo user remarks that came towards him from across the globe. Sometimes is just fucking hilarious though.

admires white mans capri suns and cool ranch doritos
HELL YA i admire that shit. i NEVER. EEVVVVERR got capri suns at my house. my parents are african. They think fun in playing in the village and america is unsafe. so we didn't get to do SHIT. and if it wasn't needed for survival we wouldn't get it. Capri Sun? you wanna explain that shit to a nigga the went through a civil war. and Capri Sun was the shit. i just never got it. I would go to this douche bags house up the street just for pop and carpi sun.
hates himself and anything that looks remotely like him.
I like myself, and i really like ppl that look like me cause i think it's a good look. Your attempts to pain me as a self hating black man are soft. I don't believe in race, and i don't like racism, therefore if your being racist im going to expose you, and tell you exactly how the world is as opposed to your living in the world as it should be. you currently mad that white ppl have more influence then you. It's cool. I was too when i say 13-15, then i grew out of it.

i think you fail to understand the fact that

and you mentioning of capri suns was a low blow, cause my parents didn't know what field trips were, let alone drinks that kids happen to like cause they taste good.


that shit's wack.


fuck that nigga, im real.

and cereal? they'd by the shittiest cereal so that we wouldn't finish it too fast..

the fuck is that? shit costs like what...4 dollars...less?
then when they felt like being generous we'd get donuts, but when they arrive your busy drinking the neighbor kids capri sun and your brothers eat all the donuts

this is all while your dad is using your toothbrush and you mom is calling your sister to come inside and hand her the remote that's 2 feet away from her.
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