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Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
Trismegistos, this is the second time you and I participate in the same debate, and the second time you prove to be deficient in many areas- most importantly the topic of debate. This is not a forum with an official debate structure, and therefore I can only "say" your arguments lack true value and/or merit, but I challenge you- if you think you can handle yourself in a truly structured environment I challenge you to debate me on multiple topics at . Your lack of logic will be pointed out by others, as well as your lack of credible sources. You make a lot of ad-hominem claims against me because you cannot defend your arguments, and though you say you are not a kid, your arguments contain less substance than those of many 14 year old debaters I know. On a forum like this one- full of people who are not necessarily serious about discussion, people who disregard logic and prefer arguments in support of fantastic religions and conspiracy theories- it is very easy for you to get away with the nonsense in which you partake in making your arguments. Again- if you dare have a truly structured argument you know where to find me. Until then you can just keep reading books and educate yourself. You really seem to need to expand your library and vocabulary, as well as your logic bank...
You also make a lot of ad hominem claims against me and I don't think you are the master of debate that you might perceive yourself to be.

I know your educated and I am willing to meet you in a debate, but I'd like to make sure that you can meet the following:

* Can you provide a link to your arguments at This is to prove that you have successfully debated with someone and that it contained the structured set up that you want.

* I will not go debating religious issues on a website full of atheists and also I will not debate this issue of "were the ancient Hebrews black" to an audience of athiest whites. Does provide statistical details of the demographics of the members of its website?

* I am not going to debate an argument that is unassailable to one debater. e.g. "Hitler was a good guy", "George W Bush is the most intelligent politician ever", "Saddam Hussein was a great leader" etc etc

* Throw up a few general ideas and I'll take it from there. I'd also like to know what the response times are for each debater as I'm fairly busy with work at times.

* I am only going to debate a topic that we BOTH agree to debate.
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