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215 to the 609 and 610
to 302, like I’m 302
been certified 730 when I was in harlem y’all
visited last summer, oldhead was like “you wrong”
I couldn’t understand it but seen what was going on
visited the blood bank just to scream you drawing
came back to philly that night because I’m home
my blood ain’t leaking from my body anymore
forty-two months worth a’ satan’s sweat and tears of judas [isc.]?
shii, since 7.06, and ‘74’s bones of lucy
dug ‘em, suck it up if no credit was mentioned to us
phila. body bagged up suckas for love?
what up gang, what up fam’, nowhere to duck
the whistles is out, the rifles is still in the tuck
drawing it back to the black inc. book that hit the shelves
unauthorized? tried to polarize the condition of he’ll?
to pulvarize evidence of poverty stricken tenements
generations deep up to our necks in this? sheeesh...
...condominium building in it, is u.s. serious?
to point me out as nimrod? then who sirius
simaria? I think I got her in s.p.
no rock is hitting me again before I empty
lead poison on anybody, like paint chips
I came to wreck any party, ‘cause they ain’t shit
like democrat, republican or independent
slave ownership? you suffer if I claim dependants
hush bitches, queens was crossed out
yah’mean, cases on me get tossed out
clique-clak on ay’thing I see moving
I’m the word, you see me, just keep moving
along with ya’ bad, not in bad health
treat a female like she wanting me, that helps
pass the time a li’l, she wanted the cash, swell
either that wealth or a nigga in a landfill
no inbetween what means the war to me?
infinite shapes all for me? but what is y’all to me...

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