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These flakes keep makin incorrect preconceptions/
don’t take outta context my complex complexion/
I’m dodgin projectiles, forcin projects progression/
process perfection, glocks for Prophet’s protection/
while congress keep stockin up profit collections/
our mental is locked in ghettos in several sections/
plentiful arrests then led to penitentiary fireplaces/
standin trial waitin, feelin violated, I tried to face it/
cheddar, I died to taste it, in a eight by ten isolated/
an icy stasis, the vile basis that my life is annihilated/
I lie awake in a sweat, sleepin on these empty threats/
from lepers and lames who maim and claim to be vets/
I tread into depths that seem so impossible to fathom/
I kill dragons then drag em in rivers you can’t imagine/
fantastic abstraction for the hell of it, it’s eloquent/
steppin a line so delicate, next to hell’s well, I fell in it/
empty shells is the the smell of it, yellin for elegance/
marriage pell-mell, I put spells on belles who not celibate/
Growth and Development stains on my brain, estranged/
the ages have changed, it feel strange to bang wit a gang/
hang on the range wit skanks and strangers wit fangs/
the immature is a blur, it’s occurred, I’m blatantly pained/
trained and ingrained but haunted by closet skeletons/
no relevance in benevolence, all belligerent malevolence/
M-elevens which I’m clutchin tight in remembrance/
fightin the exorcist, demons keep the hate rhymin effortless/
hate crimes is evidence of excellence from the serpent/
slums and urban servants live under the words I interpret...
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