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...yeah, well no doubt...I'll be up in harlem soon enough to give out lessons again. I was up that piece last year on the strength a' um, going to where I was last seen alive. they tore down MLK Plaza [li'l sigon] on 13th St. here in South Philly. the 5% was summoning MLK from the pit [s.p.], say in the '90s, made his way out into media. maybe he thought he could pigeonhole the situation on the streets.
method man, dropped that "yah'mean" piece on his last lp [4:21 the day after]...I had to counter that with wut, them niggas is pussy-whipped to attempt that move...yah'mean, I got a method, man...if you wan' talk about the wrath a' khan, we can keep it at rap, but if you wan' go deeper than's whatever man...I [sun] don't give a fuck if the bitches don't know better man...outsidas getting caught up in the weather, man...rain metal, us philly niggas won't settle, man...
...that's how the traps go. when I speak of traps on the groupie chicks, as it is the gangis me [wv]...
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