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Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
"Resolved- The Ancient Hebrews were "black"- Black is defined anthropoligically as "Congoid" and refers spefically to the physical traits generally attributed to peoples of "Sub-Saharan Africa". "

Let me know if you like it, or if you want to modify it.
I'll pass on that one. I don't want to debate this topic or religion based on the fact that I believe that a lot of people will vote based on their belief or lack thereof.

Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
Trismegistos, this is the second time you and I participate in the same debate, and the second time you prove to be deficient in many areas- most importantly the topic of debate. This is not a forum with an official debate structure, and therefore I can only "say" your arguments lack true value and/or merit, but I challenge you- if you think you can handle yourself in a truly structured environment I challenge you to debate me on multiple topics at . Your lack of logic will be pointed out by others, as well as your lack of credible sources.
I'm actually debating you to prove that:
  • I'm able to engage in a debate, officially with the structures that you desire;
  • that my debating skills are above the level of a 14 year old;
  • that I am not "uneducated";
  • that I am not purely writing on this forum because it is filled with people with followers of fantasy religions and conspiracy theorists; and
  • that I am not hiding from engaging in official debate. Which seems what you've been gunning for against me twice now.
I therefore propose that we debate a current issue and I'd like the debate to be:

"The Lisbon Treaty - Evidence that the European Union is increasingly becoming a less democratic institution"

  • I will not be inviting any friends to vote on the matter;
  • We can post a link in this website asking if anyone is interested in voting on the matter;
  • I think you have an advantage in that you have 17 debates under your belt at the website mentioned.
So this is just to reiterate that I accepted the challenge to disprove that:
  • I am unable to engage in debate;
  • I am devoid of logic; and
  • my debating skills are poorer than a 14-year-old.
I should be an easy victory for you!

4 Rounds, 72 Hours Per Round & The Option for a "Best Of Three" if I beat you on the first one.
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