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Originally Posted by JRoll View Post
Man I hate that Wu-Tang dance. That shit looks rediculous.
...yeah, truth, right. but what them kids ain't know is that they dancing to the sun, me.
yeah, that shit spurred off a' some house music spin-off...but first it was this thing they called battling. that's what the dudes came up with. I mighta' dropped that seed in Club Dances.
as I understand it, later on, the females in the city came up with the Wu-Tang dance. that's what I'm getting at as far as the dumb b#tches, or the groupie chicks. say I'm a' be born, but the womb [lucy coined hip-hop...] wanting to block me, given some ultimatum to submit [peniel, prison condition]. but I see that shit. say, I am the word, aka Gab'. aka Gae, Gabriel, archangel.
anyway, long story short, I pick up on Esau's/isa's vow to kill Jacob/yacub...anyway, these dumb bitches done aired me smooth the-fuck out. say in 2004. and a decoy, aka big baby jesus, aka ole' dirty, God Bless, was taken out, via heart stopped?
now...before all a' this, the bul was hiding out in my neighborhood in s.p., grays ferry. musta' been some jaun [girl] who aired him out and got him caught, at that mcdonalds, by the police.
yeah, I'm saying then, hush bitches. I'm coming, ready-or-not. now, protocol is...what's up with Demi ['Nard], my nigga, beat producer bul. no outsida is getting in my own operation. so, I drew to my twin [napolean...luciano r.i.p. '62...] the late '90s...especially as it became an issue of money, da'nero. know RAM Squad, right...but I'm S.P. to the heart, is what it be. so, that's my seed. IsRael best to believe...
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