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Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
Track Listing
01 : Intro

02 : Movas & Shaker
A nice opening track an a definite banger, Inspectah Deck comes nice and the beat is nice, sounds like a underground club banger or something this shit is mad nice though. 4.5/5

03 : 9th Chamber ft. LA The Darkman, Baretta 9, Killa Sin & Streetlife
The name of the track is 9th Chamber so this shit better be hot. La the Darkman starts it off real hard and just goes in, after him Beretta 9 comes in REAL mediocre I want ya'll to really listen to his part, that's why I couldn't give this track a 5, Killa Sin comes in and drops a quick bomb, Streetlife's flow on here is mad nice, this is around his prime so his flow is crazy "Island Drifter, black vagina finder" and the General comes in and tops it off showing why he's the general "Weak Mc's take me to ya leader" that's my favorite line right there. The beat is mad nice aswell a great track. 4.5/5

04 : Uncontrolled Substance ft. Shadii
This track is cool, but I'm not really feeling the end with all the singing, but Deck comes correct on it and the beat is pretty cool. 4/5

05 : Femme Fatale
This is some average Deck stuff right here, the beat is aiight and he's spitting bout women, but this is easily skippable. 3.5/5

06 : The Grand Prix ft. U-God & Street Life
LOL this track has a funny concept, but it still came out good, Streetlife goes in on this joint and even U-God drops a bomb on here, Deck comes correct as usual, nothing jaw dropping but correct, beat is nice aswell. 4.5/5

07 : Forget Me Not
I wasn't feeling this joint at all either, I don't know why Deck threw these on the album, The beat really annoys me on here, he spits some nice lines on here but I don't think Deck is a women's track specialist. 3.5/5

08 : Longevity ft. U-God
I love this track Deck and U-god go in on this joint accompanied by a calm but banging beat, this shit is pure heat. 4.5/5

09 : Word On The Street
I love this joint right here, Deck's storytelling is on point and I love the beat, this shit is mad hot. The second verse he goes in nice "
You bein watched like you new on the block from roof tops
Get your moves on these hot shots, pop, music stops
Party's over, bold soldier move for his holster
Shot the lights out, struck the bouncer in his shoulder
hard times for po-9, can't control the masses, scream
for more backstage, we sling V.I.P. passes
Jakes sprayin mace, riots takin place
When the Clan show they face, the fans show they place
Get your blunt rolled, fuck the 5-0, they want it dun' know
Bitches get trampled, niggaz wildin the front row
Fire marshall catch a beat down, tryin to cut my sound
Radio dispatcher, back-up, bustin rounds
without intermission from a crouched position
Bullets ricochet off the strobe-lights, strikin Christians
My nigga slipped in, 'nuff ammunition
to bust back, fuck that, them out-of-town cats'll take the rap
It's war on the dance floor, quarter to 4
Before we peeled off, they tried to seal off the back door
Gats for the beast, high persuit down the side streets
Shot up my getaway Jeep, crashed the front glass
Flew the head rest off the passenger seat
I grabbed the heat, ditched the weapon and escaped on feet
While the locals interrogated for names and photos
work for 5-0, swappin info for dough"....

10 : Elevation
This is one of my favorites on the album, I think he gave Ghost a better version though, he still did his thing on here, I thought he could've came harder on this joint though. 4.5/5

11 : Lovin You ft. LA The Darkman
This beat is real classic, both rappers reflect on past times which makes me love the track even more cause I can definitely relate, I'mma definitely be banging this song once I go off to college, this is some classic Material , Deck hit the spot on this joint, LA the Darkman came flawless on this joint aswell. 5/5

12 : Trouble Man
Right after Deck Hits, he misses again, the beat is ok but I'm not really feeling this joint too much, Deck could've replaced this track with a banger. 3.5/5

13 : R.E.C. Room
Deck came hard as hell on this joint and he went in like crazy, the beat gets me mad hype with all the beez swarming and shit then he goes in "
I throw your brain in the cobra clutch, behold the hold rush
A dazzlin display if you could get close enough
Cold Crush like the 4 stinger anaconda
Fierce darts that'll pierce through solid armor
Lounge in the barracks with Blue and Cappadonna
Spiderman identity Peter Parker
Crowd pleaser register off the meter
Vocal street sweaper bucks shots through the speaker
Pleasure seekers, 50 thou' in the stands
True fans get it hot like Jamaica sands
Conquer land, wide like a eagle wingspan
Clansman stabbin the track with both hands
Not a lost soul who falls for fool's gold
I shine like a diamond in the true state of cold
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
Rap with a road block, I might lose control
Hold the globe in my iron palm
One hand holds the firearm on a mission that's life long
Strike calm through the fire like Chaka Khan
World wide on the web without the dot com"....

14 : Friction ft. Masta Killa
This beat is so nice man this joint is crazy, I love how Inspectah Deck starts it off , then Masta comes in and camly takes over "
Some niggaz I'd rather not spar minds wit
They can't simutale my thoughts or fuck with
Creative testosterone, mic-phone calms the menopausable hormone quakage
trapped like estrogen, we makin, all of the above
supremely I hold my shit, when I run
I hesitate to stomp the come, bring water from the brain
Nigga, they tried to send me back, but still I came
Teraform mindframe contains elements of iron which began steel
Healin men life, Allah just brought me forth to bust mine
This time I spare no one, poison sword seed technique
Breathe the Earth, take the head of those and feed 'em to the universe

Blessed with volts of electric, life threatnin segments, it's hectic".... 5/5

15 : Hyperdermix
I'm not gonna lie at first I wasn't feeling this joint but Deck comes real nice on this joint, I felt he should've came mad harder though on an ill beat like this. 4.5/5

16 : Show N Prove
This joint right here is pretty cool, Deck comes nice, the beat is ok, I usually skip this track, not that it's bad but nothing to great either. 3.5/5

17 : The Cause ft. Street Life
This is a great track to end the album, it's something about the horns on the beat that I love, this track is mad nice and Streetlife goes in mad nice, they both flow well on this joint. 5/5

Lyrics - 4.5/5
Beats- 4.5/5
Overall - 4.5/5

I must say, the beats are pretty tight but Deck really wasn't going in hard as I thought he would have, the lyrics on this joint should've been 5/5 but I felt he held back lyrically a bit. Still a Wu Classic though... ****Overall 4.5/5**** ****Certified Wu-Classic****


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