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...oh, pardon, you from deutschland? ahight, so y'all wouldn't have a problem with mexicans over there, okay. look, hitler's my nigga. he be outta' prison [attempted manslaughter and such] soon enough. that's another story. yeah, I brought that up before with you.
ay, ahight, deutschland. what you know about the german monk martin luther.
yeah, but like I was saying before, that shit I'm spitting been documented, in the news, the media. shit ain't no space invasion shit, it gots to do with ether. ether ya' seen it or you ain't. ether you was around it or you wasn't. philly been very very very well suppressed. and nero ain't in any further position to hide-out in this mahfucka for shit, if I don't receive the ransome money.
this about the realest struggle of philadelphia [brotherly love], pa [ki]. rules and regulations being, as it was written, since abel was taken down by cain, and seth took the place of his dead brother abel...this been some real crazy shit. wouldn't expect love to live through this shit. anyway...hush b#tches...

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