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bowties are cool
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murkoutz shaolin monk

as sure as kelly is a molester
i make rhymes that'll shock the corpse of telsa
musical funeral director from out D mecca
majestic 12, sleeper cell kid, quick as gazelles
pale ale swigger, make margot kidder look like trishelle
yell fraud on these pop tart thugs with no heart in them
body guards stand on they marks and look hard as shit
i crawl out the sewers, waist deep in manure
waiting back stage wit katana blades, perched on the cooler
hemingway sway, rage war with the passive
serch streets for bitch mcs and flag poles for their sashes
onassis coney island fix me with the soup and sandwich
regroup my scruples, fluid like movement through out your compass
solid snake, thermal goggles watching the pearly gates
im mean, well oiled machine, fill me with quaker state
duckin' jake, prints on file from the polanski case
make it safe back to my blog then open up debates

n/w= dutch
"abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"
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