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lol'...what young girl protecting, her own heart or suh’m
I wasn’t born lunchin’, more like born outta’ hunger
she in my way, she need to keep outta’ my sight
being afraid a’ what she like? seeing me, right
I’m making a’ honest buck, city sanitation
esau in waste management? ironic, ain’t it
look, deal with them niggas offering nothing
no protection, just an illusive sense that it’s suh’m
when you talking to a grown man, know I ain’t lying
about choking the shit outta’ kids stepping outta’ line
parents shoulda’ let ‘em know outside is the wilderness
I couldn’t give a fuck about a snot-nosed ignorant...
...there I go again with the neandertholic recession
naw, it’s just holocaust ain’t selective
I ain’t playing around with anything that’s around me
earth’s facelift courtesy of the shit tryin’ a’ ground me...

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