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Default The Sun Zoo [prelude]

...of the origin nation, chemistry inflamation
garrison aligned as a nation against a’ agent
protocol? only mess with those who I was raised with
1900s’ most wanted, I got the patients
to pickpocket, hi-jack and leave the caucasion
gentrification initiative starvating
I’m wv, you don’t get the numbers? I get to hunting
1712-2012? guess who coming
the sun zoo original capacity graphically
rough draft on a soft-ass grafted seed, casually
relaxed borderlines, but no ese writ’ in, had to be
them s.p. black mafia gangstas who stamped the breeze
I 13X’D the ms-13, got a’ M-16
bury these bars alive ‘til twin recognize my meaning
if I’m the word, don’t give any bitch incentive to deprive
me of my right to get inside of ‘em? me being born, it’d be wise to just
follow my instruction, don’t get outta’ bounds on me
‘cause any member of the camp can die, not a gun found on me
it’s because uranus is my ruling planet, homey
all I can think of is judas iscariot ramming, homis
ay’ mahfuckin’ where, any mahfuckin’ time
philly hus’ limits, don’t ever step outta’ line...the Sun Zoo...
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