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Default another ransome notice

man, Im tearing down a skyline
before they tear another project building down in philly
I thought word reached em, its my time
tic-toc-the-fuck-tic, movie set compromised?
who paying for that? you can bet itsome homicides
side order a threats to witnesses at court appearances
shit gets delirious, skin breaking out in negro spirituals
hostility orgasms, bust a nut busting a slug
no more a this shit swept under the rugs
what the mahfuck, blood boiling, mugs overflow
with some ole fungus spit stuck in the undertow
I cant wait to catch up to the 42, not a dormant dude
if not my own city, I myself got the fortitude
yall gon have to fuckin kill me, how I repped to the death
if you cant do that, then Im a still send youz to hell
in a handbasket, like a picnic gone wrong
outside a this, pay ransome or be all gone...
...such is my practice...
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