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Cool Strange Eyes By Sunz Of Man F/ Blue Raspberry

To take an enemy on the battle field is like a hawk taking a bird
even the one in existance of any bird
even the one that is first marked

Strange eyes Keep on watching me
I see those Strange Eyes Keep on watching me

Strange Eyes Keep on watching Me
I see those Strange eyes Always watching me

What's up nigga let's steal a coupe
and practice kung fu on the roof next to the pegion coupe
and keep this stack
as a big bwoy cadillac 28 trackz got my voice on stat
Samuari style for them niggaz acting wild
and dem jealous mutherfuckaz throwing booze in my crowd
Steve Riffen feeling proud Wu made it loud
now I relax killa arm throw swordz on trackz
Unite my kingdom family raw
you a brooklyn zoo swarm it's a Sunz of Man Jam

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