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Originally Posted by Urban_Journalz View Post
It's simple.

When put in the context of Heaven and Hell, reward and punishment, people always find ways to disagree with it, dodge it and cease to believe in it.

When put in terms of, "What goes around comes around", then, mystically, magically, everyone can come to common ground as far as there being truth to it.

It's all the same thing.

We KNOW that these places are real, because this Truth is within our very souls. Now, the fact of the matter is, most of us choose to ignore this Truth, forget it's impact on our lives and follow our own selfish, and most of the time shameful desires. The more you ignore the Truth, the easier it will become for one to believe that it does not exist, because the Truth will distance itself from that person as well.

It's clear that mankind not only got this from the self-incriminating soul, but also the various Holy Scriptures that have been revealed through the ages. Also, while a lot of you moan, bitch and complain about who wrote what and for what reason, the fact of the matter is, the Truth is right in front of you and the ONLY reason you debate with it, is because it goes against your own selfish whims and desires. Most of us can talk truth all day long, but when it comes to applying these rules to our lives, we see them as a hindrance rather than a helping hand. And as far as who wrote what, ask yourself that same question the next time you're reading the newspaper, or you bring forth a "statistic", or the results of a survey.

There's more truth in a fuckin' comic book than there is in most of the articles and interviews that we waste more of our lives on.

As I was saying, it's all the same thing. Cause and Effect.
You can't throw a ball of shit at someone and expect them to throw a sugar cane back. The Law doesn't work that way and it never will.

Honestly, I think the people that DON'T believe in this Truth and argue day and night as to the lack of "proof" to back up it's existence, are in truth very much believers therein. I say this, because if the resolve behind what they are saying was as strong as the tone that they used when stating their opinion, they'd just find out who was right and commit suicide.

What would stop them? I mean, since it's all bullshit, man-made and "Tales of The Ancients", then what would stop a non-believer from actually gathering their evidence? Fear? Fear of what? Fear of that which you yourself said didn't exist?? Am I the only one seeing the contradiction in this??

Now, I'm sure someone whom this description fits would put forth a multitude of bullshit excuses to defend themselves, but the fact remains that it would still be bullshit. In ANY arguement, both parties want to win, and would of course have to make more sense than the other party to do so.

The logicality in standing on the belief that these places don't exist is just a mirage.

Everything you do, good or bad, will return to you. Wether it's on this side of life, or the next. Personally, I couldn't care less who believes it or not, because the Truth, unlike most so-called men, doesn't need a cheering section to come to fruition.

so basically you are saying that when people die, they either go to heaven or hell - depending on if they were good or bad - and you know for a fact that these places exist - and that those of us who don't believe in these places are ............fools ?
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