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ChristO crouching tiger
Default days & times

if youz think Im lying, check the days & times
you think Im buying into suhm? I supply, you wait in lines...
...see, its no time to waste, just sign away
ya culture, back over to the source, or give mine to me
the boss? no lie, Im a dude just about gratuities
not a waiter, but more than a opportunist
see, I control the block, I seen it before you did
skyscrapaz dot com, what the helld you miss
send word to esaw...nigga I rule this
with cronies or just lonely trying a get through this
no diss at all, Im just talkin of my corner
young buls strapping up? Ill talk to my corners
mahs gotta walk to and fro for grocery lists
mah ran ducking from the hot rotissary spit
keep that in mind, when I keep at it tying
this up in a synopsis deep as a fryer
Im a keep me & mines, it can be anytime
when whoever find the heat of my dril in they spines...
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