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Cool Get Ur Swordz Ready Ninjaz

Got ya, set ur swordz up
the white glove snipa ninja, Kotic Ak 47
With the master The Silencer
Civilized wit the metal
blast unheard when it snipez ya
coming back in the Wayz Of The Samuari
flying messages
my pigeons is dangerous
in the Junglez of Concrete
swinging swords on roof tops
Ghost your V while you in the club
smoking on heavy work
pumped by
Heavy gwop getting grindaz
the codez has changed
fo new ora phazes
catch me in the subway tunnel
Broadway Junction
Samuari Hillz East New York
Stamp My sword
Peace to the God
Da Unda Lordz
Of The Wu-tang, Shame on a Nigga
who try to front on a nigga
split ya
wit the Katon
during a dark severe thunderstorm
Kotic Zun
Military Fatigue
spotted by strange eyes
Out in the Killa Zones of Shaolin
Next stop tha stapez
papa chaze til my stockz increase.

Return of the Samuari

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