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...when I said I had a plan, I was stuck between a worst hell
and federal, with a white federal agent tryin' a' befriend a bul
well, as it was verified by twin, but I was ahead of dude
but this gentrification thing's so fuckin' incredible
mahfucka', I ain't say we [black & white] was ever gonna' mix
so obviously, the pink skin still just out to take our shit
look, I was thinking extortion, yeah, but niggas too spooked and scared
they extorted us, what the fuck, now you think it's cool to share?
when I walked down the blocks, it was obstacle courses ay' step of the way
now, lily-pale people with chewawas and poodles pissing away
shit makes me wanna' laugh my ass off, I thought niggas was harder than life
I always wondered what the-fuck was on they minds
what's the shit was that they was fighting for, so look, when I tighten the oxygen
on this dic's larynx, what's my option then
the bitches ain't giving the bush up in favor of my cause
and so they don't deserve to see me starve
I'm taking my time with the patients I've accumilated
try not to make any wrong insinuations...
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