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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
so basically you are saying that when people die, they either go to heaven or hell - depending on if they were good or bad - and you know for a fact that these places exist - and that those of us who don't believe in these places are ............fools ?

I know these places exist for a fact, because I choose to listen to my soul, instead of an often ill-influenced and sometimes over-rationalizing brain, that came along way after my soul did.

Most people will go to one place or the other, but there will be those who have an equal balance of good and evil deeds. These people will be at a place called "The Heights", which is the border between Heaven and Hell and they will have to await Allah's decision, wether to let them serve time in Hell, or forgive them and allow them into Paradise.

The same way you've known when you were being lied to by a person, without having to take a picture of the lie, or tape-record it, to verify it to yourself, because the same soul, or so-called "gut instinct" that tells me the truth that I stated above, told you that truth that you experienced at that moment.

Fools? Yes, I'll go along with that. Even God Himself addresses such people, "Deaf, dumb and blind, they will never understand the truth." So, it's not a matter of me giving an opinion based on such people, it's more an observation of that person's character.

The people who built the Titanic, in their deep ignorance and stupidity, "knew" that this ship wouldn't sink. One of them said, "Not even God Himself coudl sink this mighty ship." For me, there's an air of comedy in this, because I can almost see Allah sitting there like, "Oh WORD?!"

One of the most common and disgusting, self-destructive traits that the majority of mankind has, is a faith in himself/herself, to the point that they forget their place. Again, I have to sight a verse in The Qur'an, when Allah says, "We created man from a drop of seed, yet lo! He is an open opponent!"

The bottom line though, is that it doesn't matter who believes and who doesn't, because when we're dead, then all of us will know, beyond a shadow of doubt, who spoke the truth and who spoke falsehood.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

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