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Default smoke

I’m putting it out, you won’t get it ‘til at least
january 2010 how I killz the beast
israel, is it real now ‘cause I’ll aim the piece
pipe at ya’ peop’s if luci don’t back offa’ me
remember, I wrote that if the forum disappears, then
there’s not a way to state your case about any dealings
any rap, you might-as-well save it, give up the ghost
or give up the bul who gave insight on my approach
it don’t matter, 30 silver coins amount up to a buck fifty
I sewed the shit up, now fucks with me
as I understand it, the smoke identified cush
as far as my biological, how do I look
what I ain’t confused about is what south philly let me know
from-the-door, and I was just like ya’ better not be wrong
‘cause anyway you put it, this shit can all be gone
then y’all rap celebs would have to explain why y’all ignored
all the warning signs when you know about us niggas
but wut really know about this shit here...listen up takes a certain skill to even mention us...
...nervous will to even press with us, even the best give up...
...shii, we living out the conflict, relief is the carnage
the clash of wills is the bondage, heavy gats moved by karma...
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