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...oh, and yeah. my erace wars peace got more to do with eracism than it does racism. aything got its order. I identified that there is a systematic movement to erase truth...I'm saying, maybe to cover-up certain shit...on us. I don't blend with the coerced relations. the government agent[s] behind that...the info exchanged between central gov't...manipulating world war or global takeover...on us...they got the chosen peoples to identify esau's [red] [God, a tone] plan ain't followed, then I wouldn't divert from course on account of the discrepancy. and the damages would become more and more evident, as I catch up to the 42.
shii, white people can't help us [black]. they only need is to help themselves, on us. as far as the implants into our communities in peril of complete extinction is concerned. the eternal debt is owed. if in the identity christis, the christ is not recognized...
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