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ChristO crouching tiger
Default the philadelphia plan, insight

...and the 3.5 double m illumi nation
what went from ajjacian to hatian
automatic flow tidal bowl bul be wasted in
chest plates I ainít above caving in
435 homicides is nothing new
sun set, Iím sun zoo, nothing but truth
gang war plagued until rizzo, ditto
ĎNard used to be like I remind him of rizza
man, itís zig-zag net the shit that Iím on
like what went down in the south phila. pa shipyard
oooh, them dumb bitches wu-tanginí it to me
but still donít know that they dancing this to me
oooh, itís still about money, still about drugginí
still about name brands, still about gunniní
still about prying legs open, Iím cummin
to my haRem, manhattan-sized dick to plunge Ďem
Iím the seed, last time I was was born it was complications
blood transfusion, mom and popís blood not relating
what it take now to grow me? infinite shapes
and what means the war to me, like what means the world to me
but in a sense, how is it yíall dead give-aways
and havenít learned what it takes from me, and Iím dead in yaí face
came up walking through buls with bodies, still on the blocks
Ďtil another serial boxed the what am I supposed to say..., why the-fuck they rapping and talking Ďbout donít be ratting
I been knew I was protected, but donít think Iím slow to that shit
donít think to try to trap me with government tactics
it just smooth pissed me off even more than I had been
so, donít take it lightly when I demand all the ransome...
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