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before she can make any move, before I even gave her the facts
consider where philly was at, no reds and no blues
prior to 2006 about, that shit ain’t get out
of my containment [1974/1975]...but now they so ready to lose
the sug&puff treaty I cannot respect, just pay for the tresspass
I make the trap look as simple as a necklace
and I kept away from the girl, her mouth was wreckless
told her read the bible after I gave her the hair [esau] and the genesis
and got “zero tolerance” for the game I found in a.c.
I always knew the bitch was realler than crazy
she gots to submit to me completely, ‘cause twin, I’m a’ squeeze the
everloving life out of her lungs if need be
she’ll be worth nothing to anybody...I can’t give her up
twin, you know I got patience to wait it out
’84, big brother shit, we closed in on ‘em
I’m almost daring her to say some ole’ other shit
I’m abstract in this depiction but focused in conviction
bust jizz on her july 4th, 2007
I can find where they hiding out within this, but what is christmas
thirty silver coins that add up to a buck fifty?
see, about now I remain on some biblical proportion
still to catch up to constantine, eager to extort ‘em
if shit ain’t matching and adding up in contrast to the real life
walk that I’m walking to seal tight the offense
and when I see ole’ girl, she can stop barking
no way in, no way out, get the picture? stop drawing...
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