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see, I just seen a teary face on t.v., I know where they went wrong
ask me about it, Iím aí clique-clak and rip through a cheek bone
see, twin asked me to handle what showed up on his pavement
my blood familyís initials actually, but wasnít the same thing
1982, uncle steve still a cold case? and,
so if they wannaí play that way, wasnít a name spit
see, if lucí made the threat, then was afterwards met
with my peopleís energy showing up on his doorstep...
...I warned him not to sweat, the same as secreting
I ainít played with a full deck since I was teething
say, if I was born the aqua bookie, sinatra couldnít
do it my way, them jauns [females] had no idea what they doing
twin call me up? man, itís called prenup?
Iím the father, who the mother? they ainít dug me up
in í money, best to cough the shit up
any mark of the beast Iím aí target and snuff
shii, how they want edom [red] and ainít talking to me
Iíll wrap the u.s. up in a coffin for free
hush bitches, this actual fact to-a-tee
born with the hands on 11 and 9 to the breeze...s.p...
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