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ChristO crouching tiger
Default revelations warm-up [it's problems]

...came to philly with guns huh [heard it on the radio...I [God] aint forget]..., Ill be up where bks at, looking for jazz
oh, my twin got a thick clique bucking for jazz though
headline reads philly niggas going apes again
government tried to spread us thin to evaporate in wind
chill factor? kill half the niggas talking shit again
3.5 millimeter ever since Hell again,
71-74...Christ/Body, bul
closed movie set, our movie not rated at all
was rated R in 2000, came and gone
populace rocin the R heavy now? whats the cause
...mahfuck what you think you saw
parallel cover, suck it up and take the loss when we charge
overhead like eternal debts to us soldiers here
lineage disconnected, we back to the holy shit
moving on cue, got loose see/luci in a booth
and Im saying, you can pay ransome now or get the boot
still stuck around, you in pursuit, it isnt cute
you had to yell where you from 20 billion times in ya tunes
Im trying a save philly now 20 billion times from the ruins
you trying a play philly down like you still got time to do it
so, I mean, mine is protected, I dont mind giving you shivers
Im 9.11 now, the time christ was delivered...
...snicker, like you candy or suhm, soft like bambi or suhm
anything in my way, Im a handle, its nothing...philly eternal...the 13th Sentry/13XD...
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