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Originally Posted by tical2000
KOOL KEITH is like one of the greatest MC's of all time.........dude has been around since like 1987..........KEITH has also made like 20 plus albums, sure his latest stuff aint that great, but dude has made more classics than that snoozer MF DOOM, like does DOOM even have 1 classic record??? That MADVILLIANY shit has to be the most overrated album of all-time.......I bought that crap the day it came out, due to all the hype, the shit has collected mad dust in my cd collection......its borring

shtting on KOOL KEITH is like shitting on hip hop, its dudes like KOOL KEITH, Rakim, and BIG DADDY KANE that basically taught dudes how to rap
man doom aint no new cat either, dudes been making shit since the very early 90s and is STILL making classic material. im not denying keith was dope back in the day but he has basically fallen off, and all his new records are fucking garbage. saying doom has no classics is a blatant fucking lie. kmd - mr hood is classic, mf doom - operation doomsday is classic and also my favourite album of all time, many people also consider madvillain classic. name a good record recently that keith has been a part of? you cant, danger doom is pretty much the best album of the year so far too. plus who the fuck cares who has made the most albums? out of keiths 20 albums about 6 of them are good, doom is a LOT more consistant, he doesnt have a bad album

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