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what you fail to understand is, I chalk the damage up as done
so, if I define what it is, understand, this shit was done
nothing too special about it, but when hoods is abolished
oh, Iím supposed to bite my tongue like epilepsy vomit? bul lemmeí know suhím about a missile shell
he scooped up on the new orleans levy, what can you tell
it is no game...if Joab think he got a card to play
letís go at it, bul, all-the-way
got one half of the soldiers with me, one half of the soldiers against me?
bruh, joab, I can talk you to death if you test me
one sentence...and I need to get paid off the books
so, look this shit over again if you overlooked
used to roll through overbrook to get my hair braided
getting copper in the follicles, they wanted red basically
go to a fresh prince movie...let the fed agency
hover around Ďem, not even the go-head to raid Ďem, see
if I posted the walls with the warnings, I follow-up
with the silencers on Ďem, the 5th to mend all Ďem up
when I step out a movie theatre, see itís not a movie neither
no complications, your women hot giving up the beaver
to receive me up in thighs, Iím relieved, wet up they minds
far-fetched to the farthest broad waiting up in line
about 19 of Ďem left to squeeze through
my 1900 niggasíll squeeze too, itís too much to seem true...
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