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...shii, to open and shut a door with a skeleton key
not to embellish in dreams but to hell is where they
sent a nigga, on his own, no bail and no believers
to fix a clock, no brail, you just either feel it
or be numb to the difference, to sum itís no significance
as to why they ainít open mouths to tell shit like it is
it ainít come to Ďem that way, itís just a motion
to translate ask them apple niggas Ďbout devotion
they oughttaí know, we silencers of a silent creed
the shipment that took at least 144,000 years
oh, so Iím supposed to allow the tresspass to the grounds
to continue? shii, the holycost the only thing on the menu
now look, simon peter suing the roc over a beat now
it ainít about shit but a universal beatdown [by me, the 13th sentry]
since a certified hit of me and my nigga dropped in
simon peterís, who wired for sound now then
if I canít bust jizz on the womb, nobody goní know shit
except run for they lives from al-jihad, no shit
the pandoraís box [womb] closing in on my dick
itís a cold world, so, no escaping that shit..., Iím made money...
...them dumb bitches in denial drew the dicí to rap...Gabriel [gae, gab], Iíll put the whole 13th st. on-lock myself, straight-up. the archangel, revelations with no I stated, try not to make any wrong insinuations...they can get the white-out to reduce they sentences, and draw philly back to enhance the trues pennmanship... psalm of king david...
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