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Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
-Wu Tang Latino is not a "group". Go to to download some of my tracks, and you can do a search online for others. I am going to release a mixtape soon that will have a couple "oldschool" Mangani tracks, and a bunch of new shit. I will post up a link when it's out, but don't be impatient cause I constantly work on other people's mixtapes. There are a few projects coming out of Wu Corp that I will be on, so just pay attention to what other members post up. Highway 420 Vol. 3 should be out soon too, and when you hear the name Nico Canada (the original Reggaeton producer), you better believe I will be all over that project (currently in the works). One of his artists just moved to PA from TX so he will be recording out of my studio- look out for that too.
Thanx man.....
I am lookin forward to that mixtape....!!!

I am goin to download as many tracks a i find from u and Wu-Tang Latino............

Anyway, thanx 4 da info man...........

Keep it up....................

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