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Originally Posted by Novel T View Post
That is a very wise philosophy. Don't set expectations too high and you will never be let down. I'm gonna have to try that out... if I ever start losing my talents.
-That's a hypocritical and not too subtle way to criticize somebody. If you don't like my music open your pussy ass mouth and say it. The album is not mine, and I am having issues with the distributor about my pay- THAT's why I don't care how many copies they sold. 3 tracks on the album are mine, and two have been out for over two years- the other since September... the album was released in April- why would I give a fuck how much it sold? I didn't market the product, and I would have had a different marketing plan- why would I feel let down if it didn't sell knowing no work was put in for it to sell? There's a lot of different reasons why I don't care how many copies it sells, but for not knowing them you are really a dumb fuck for making this kind of statement. You think I don't have talent? Grow some balls and tell me so...

Besides all that I already make about 25% annually more than the average "good" rapper. I don't care about sales- I care about quality, buddy, and if you don't like my quality, big fuckin deal... you aren't even a part of my core audience!

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