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Default contract language [preface one: now that I’m at home in this forum]

now that I’m at home in this forum, that’s wut it beez about
I can’t take but so much from any heathen’s mouth
I can lead this up to a contract language
to contact the combative strand in my character
I got issues, from a pay-to-play venue
I got peoples, words plain-as-day ginsu
parapalegics made regularly
after having the nerve to be stepping to me
but anyway, if I said this was mine to claim it
I’d be stepping on toes ‘til it’s realized how I’m saying it
...rhymes as good as a tastykake make
the price sky-high, make a tastykake stay
right up on a shelf, though I came up in
the ‘70s, butterscotch krimpets in the oven
more philly shit, yah’mean, you gotta’ love it
God’s gift to the world? yeah, they oughtta’ love me
1-215 collecting that da’nero
I’m 215, correcting representatives
of the residence and, already aired-out
my own definition is what warfare’s ‘bout...
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