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Jugganaut crouching tiger

Woke up in a room, dazed, when I heard a strange voice
It was me and another guy bound to a chained joist
We had the same choice, either kill or be killed
A short sword is between us, no time to be still
He was trying to be real, but it when wrong like Dave Chappelle
Struck him with the shortsword, as he dropped, he grazed a nail
He was amazed as hell, and uttered words before he died
"Nobody has ever gotten the best of Jigsaw45!"

n/w RROD (Red Ring Of Death..aka Xbox crashed)

Half dead platoon leader but woken by enemy heaters
Jugganaut on the block blast shots at all retreaters - Holocaust

In the melting pot, felt the shot heard 'round the world
We unstoppable like Jugganaut baby girl - Meth

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