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SAC on simple words

A new disease was born because of cyberisations
this disease is like the cancer and aids of the new age
a doctor spend his entire life trying to cure it while another doctor who wasn't on the same field of medicine found a treatment for the diseases using monkeys as experiments
in order to administrate this new medicine it first need to be approve by a committee
the other doctor felt jealous of the doctor who found the treatment
he then use his influence on the committee to prevent the release of the treatment
thats where Serrano's Geonomics came in with the micromachine treatment which it does nothing to cure or treat the disease and who also have some influence on the committee
together they completely prevented the release of the medicine by denying the aproval and in its place releasing the micromachine treatment
Laughing Man while surfing the net stumble upon this info that was put together by somebody else who is this person? that is still a mystery
upon viewing this info and being a victim of the disease he decided to act
and reveal the truth to the public by kidnapping Serrano's
the reason he kidnapped him is cuz if Laughing Man himself reveal the truth nobody will believe it so he needed Serrano's to confess the truth on the news live
after the incident a series of company black mailing and various terrorist acts began to unravel
but all that was a scenario play by the Prime Minister in other to get richer and to manipulate Stocks and Japans economy he use the image of the Laughing Man to achieve this

why the series is called Stand Alone Complex
well the simple meaning of this is "many copies without an original"
remember the Laughing Man stumble upon the information on the net he never hacked anything nor investigated anything before founding that piece of info so in reality the person who uploaded that mysterious file in the net is the original and true Laughing Man but no one knows who that person it so the Laughing Man you see in the series is a copy of that person and the people who acted like the Laughing Man are copies of the Laughing Man that kidnapped Serrano's

sorry if i let you confuse or anything im really bad explaining things i hope this help a little
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