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the Tachikoma's death was my fav part on the entire series the part where the tear came out for me is when she said "Oh God... How... Powerless We are" and Motoko reply "that isn't necessarily true" "what you have attain is anything but powerlessness" while you see the statue of the holy virgin with the choir music on the background that scene was perfectly done (i got the eng subs)

the part where they spend the whole ep explaining tachikomas is dope

also another great part is when the Motoko is crush by an armor suit then Saito appears with the huge rifle when she recovers consciousness she screams at Saito "SAITOOo BRING THAT THING OVER!!!" it was an intense scene cuz on the Japanese ver. she sounded so angry then she just blast him at point blank he couldn't even breath

this part.

SAC is 26 ep
2GIG is another 26 ep, 52 ep in total
GITS movie and Innocence no relations to the series both movies takes place in china while the series is in Japan
and finally there is Solid State Society a Movie follow up to the series

actually the gits movie is centered around the major and section 9

the dubbed version on 2nd gig is here
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