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ChristO crouching tiger
Default hurtin' 'em

1000 of us niggas getting back into this thing
cunny k.o. slapping up competition in the ring
is glory still in the ministry, kloak sticking streets for beats
es con’ry my co-d still from the gristle, chief
appointed the referee, can’t get into it though
it’s as if I’m wrestling me, fight club shit for the dough
d.v.s. still working, production
arieul and icon in VA now with the hustle
kaboom with touch money, still my youngin’, the pit terrier hunger
to tear in ya’ luncheon, trips without carrying luggage
to grab the money...bey the corner boy
getting down with my plan if they know what’s good for them boys
upstairs or downstairs or on the ground floor
see reg’ ruff from time-to-time, when a thousand sound off
kaliq, my nigga, this philadelph’ not them
I wouldn’t even pretend to like anybody not in
...ay’body else auxiliary posts
as the link, I’m the pro to col as our symphony boasts...
...commish the apocolypse a host, into politics
shii, let ‘em know how wild it gets when the crunch abolish tics [times up]...
...k-sarrah-sarrah, my nigga, go hard
with the beats, rhyme dialect, and all, bringin' back the wah'r...

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