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Originally Posted by The Void View Post
That's right, I have nothing better to do but make Anagrams, why you ask? I've been doing this for years since I heard Wu's original Wity Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game.

So in no particular order:

The Void ~ The healing energy vortex opens interdimensional dieties
To Hear Everything Vary Ordinate Intermittent Dictation
Skampoe ~ Super kid allocates more political officials errors
Smooth Kind Ample Mysterious People Obviously Eat
Supreme Mathematics ~ Symbol updating passable, read every math equation means avoid the hidden elitist members arrangement to introduce calculations scientifically
No Fucking Way I Have That Much Time For Such A Faggit
Visions Unseen ~ Victory indicates success is offfered now so unity naturally speaks encased every night
Various Incidents Sometimes Invoke Odd Noises, Seldom Unnoticed, Nor Smelt, Eventually Everything's New
Sunny Winters ~ Society's unltimate ninja needs yesterdays wars ironic nature to end Ryuku's sorrow
Somebody Unwittingly Nurtured Nature's Yearning Without Interest Nor Time Effacing Rectal Spheres
MsRzaRecTaH ~ Myopic scene rarely zooms accurate, retraining eyes cheats tears and hazes
Much Serenity Readily Zones A Rod Entering Carefully The Atrium of Harm
blackula ~ Blunts like Afghan cannibis kicks up lovely aromas
Being LIke A Cunt, Kills Unnatural Lesbian Apparitions
ThaShaolinAssassin ~ Take Heaven again, strike hard at overlords lenses if nickel ashes spread suspiciously around seven spirits is normal
This Happens Awkwardly Sometimes, However Antagonism, Often Lucid, Iintroduces Negative African Stereotypes, Suggesting A Saucy Somalian Is Near.
Begongo ~ Blessed elders give older natives gems ornamental
Being Ever Grateful, Offering No Greater Orgasm
Style (-Master-) ~ Sharply tuned yew limbs echoed mysteriously as spiders tumultuous ears rang
Since Time Yields Latrine Evacuation, Most Assholes Start To Emit Rancidity.
whers ~ Wicked heathens exist 'round snakes
When Hamsters Enter Rectally, Shart
Slim T ~ Spit lines in military tanks
Spoils Lives In Multitudes Terribly
Wera ~ Worldwide experiments rule ambition
Who Eats Red Ants?
Art Vandelay ~ Astonishing revelations trick visages arrangement, near death experiences lament after youth
Astronomy Rarely Tells Virgins Anything Normally Deemed Ethereal, Love's Always Yeasty
Magma ~ Musucal artist gradually makes arpeggio
Men Always Grab Musty Armpits...(??)
Pat Bateman ~ Physicists argued that some atoms take equivalent measures and nuclei
Please Attend To Bret's Abnormal Temerity, Everyone Might Avoid Neutering
Emporerles ~ Extradite many poor orphans really early life exiting shanties
Enormous Muscles Pulse Over Ramming Elbows, Leading Eventually to Screaming (ok, i cheated, but its hard to make a sentence which makes sense, incorporating his odd masturbation technique, into a acronym)
Shenkie ~ Scat has enough nasty kittens in experience
Scat Harms Everyone Not Kinetically Involved, Eventually.
Maccabee Ridah ~ Met Afro-Columbian connect after British engineers excelled ridding Indonesian dust and hash
Maybe Avoiding Carefully Constructing Acronyms, By Eliciting Every Rabid Insecurity Demonstrated, Alters Hate?
Fredy Mech ~ Future Russia elects dirty yellow men ending childish honesty
Fearless Rednecks Eventually Die, Your Mother Eats Cooled Ham
Shizzah ~ Smoking hashish in zig zags, awesome high
Smiting Helpless Israeli Zionists Zeros All Humans

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