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ChristO crouching tiger
Default judgement

Godíd use whomever for whatever purpose
donít get nervous
it could be curtains for those trying aí unveil the curtain
Iím not just forced to deliver the word
it serves to exercise patience before egging my nerves
gottaí pay up moneys to me, for further clarification
of in-formation I spit at random against eracism
Iím confident in my skills, no way in my vacancy
no matter, it donít matter, just best to ease away from me
I couldnít tell you what peace is, you couldnít tell that I mean this
whereabout you be is, a breath away from my demons
u.s. intelligence shit, I walked through to conquer
ask me some other slick shit, oh, now Iím the monster
look, Iím the aqua bookie, numbers in the red now
eternal debt need to be paid, what youíz donít get now
those who donít believe in, the price that He paid
shii, I hate beating a dead horse, just to get a point across?
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