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Originally Posted by wera View Post
It ain't a battle. I'm an invenstigator to the third eye and to the light. I'm divine actually - look - pi is 3,14 and when u combine the numbers, it's 3+1+4=8. 8 being heaven, perfection and time forever. My birthday is 13.4. .... again, combine numbers...

So rather join my divinity, and leave the fruit...and the snake alone..
...trues. good. cool. look, I'm a' break down suh'm. I'm 8, born 2.15 1971. equaling 8. of the city phi, area code 215, local 1971 [housing union]. equaling 8. born in the 11th hour [11am going on 12pm].
investigation was exactly the point that I was making. I don't claim to be friends with my enemies. alliance with the stars, good one. I keeps the grounds underneath my feet.
point I was leading to, is that the 5th element I'd say is atonement.
anyway, as far as the fruit and the snake, see, somebody wants the blood flag [swastika] to be arisen. on my [edom] people. yeah, so as became more and more, I went there in my dialogue, 'cause that's how stupid the shit done got.
feel me or not, what it is is what can't be shaken. etcetera...
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