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Default Re: Reputation Points

Originally Posted by Prolifical ENG
When you recieve reputation for your posts, when you get enough, you get more of those green squares beside your name. Every 100 points up to 500 gives you a green square...then after that its like 200 or something. The max squares you can get is like 11 I think.

Everyone starts off at 10 points...if you sink below 0, then you get a red square beside your name.

Basically, the people that pay attention to it, it will strengthen or weaken your posts because you do have a reputation for people that are new and dont know you that well.

The other ways to get repuation points (depending on the board and the way the admin set it up) is how long you've been here...your post count, and how often you give reputation....but not as much as when someone give you reputation points.

Also, if someone with a higher reputation gives you points, you will get more points yourself. if someone is new, your points wont change at all. I remember before when a mod here gave me rep points, it was like 12 points, while the common poster would be 2 or 3 points.

damn...that was a lot of typing of information.....I better get some points for this...especially from the people who didnt know.

edit: oh yeah, if you want to see where you recieved rep or how many points you have, check in your user CP below subscribed threads...or just click the percent sign on your own name on your post.
Propped for that, but how do you see who sent the props?
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