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Default Re: battle divine sixnity

Man I jump on your toes like your shoes is blue suede
Like I jump on ya hoes drunk of the booze that you paid
and like you jump on a dick, but the one who owns the dick-is-me
Wudn't mind if it was a chick, but this ugly cat six-ni-ty?!
Stop dickrydin and start writin, see if you can drop one good line
you so toothless you can't be bitin, and that's the only way u'd shine
so don't try to make hip-hop for bread, maybe you shud try rock instead
by the time this battle's over i will have fucked your cred
And i thinkt they need another member for right said fred
Slay you in Norwegian and English
Diminish MC's in my second language

Positive Energy Activate Constant Elevation
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