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Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
What makes you all so sure that

1.) A God exists

2.) The God you worship is the right one?

Leaving the first point alone for a minute, how can you be so sure the Abrahamic God and the scriptures of those religions are the correct ones when you could have easily been born a Buddhist, Mazdasist/Zoroastrian, Jainist, Hindu, or any other among thousands of world religions?

As for the god thing itself, why do you even WANT to believe some nasty gloating omniscient dictator controls every aspect of your life?

Answer the omnipotence paradox:

Could God create a rock that he cannot lift? Or could God kill himself?

If god could not do these things, it would be a compromise to his omnipotence. If he can accomplish these things, it still compromises his omnipotence. The concept of omnipotence defies basic logic itself. And don't come tell me that "God is above logic" as you try to defend your delusions with pseudo-logical hypotheses that you could never even prove with empirical evidence.
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