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A Street Cat Named Desire:
Left my nest today, decided it’s high time for me to escalate/
realized the day after tomorrow was the day befo yesterday/
enter the third testament, prophets lost in the worst tenements/
cursed sentiments, I use every verse to disperse penitence/
how many times do the Christ gotta return before we learn/
to stop lookin to the skies and start lookin toward the stern/
start throwin religion over starboard, I know it’s a hard word/
but so much hate’s been harbored, it’s got our heart’s blurred/
I’m gettin farther from Heaven, puttin faith in the steel I hug/
hopes dashed to pieces like Judas’ guts in the Field of Blood/
maybe I’m sent to be a Messiah but I can’t stay out the streets/
maybe I’m meant to be a sire but I can’t stay out the sheets/
maybe I vent from out this fire cuz I can’t play out or retreat/
baby, I wept from my desire to simply lay out in defeat/
I need a way out that’s complete, I can’t compete wit myself/
my habits is too strong, I’m too wrong wit this heat in my belt/
I’m still addicted to gunplay, so I’m steady polishin chrome/
I’m breezy on Any Given Sunday, chiefin wit Oliver Stone/
thinkin of The Departed, I started as a killer, naturally born/
passionately storm on any enemy that may casually form/
may they family mourn, then they’ll conform voluntarily/
if anybody may refuse me then I’ma rock him like Eric B/
fast life like Kool G Rap, a lighter wit two looseys packed/
I got loose leaf raps hard enough to bring the Fugees back....
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