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Default the blood[s] of abel [edom gave warning]

my original accent stock not a laughing stock
itís no country for old men, how do vanished blocks
and the spanish mingle, when tequila drizzles
the issues stack, canít diffuse nuclear missles
u.s. feared the china syndrome, 7.13 of Ď98
and all I wanted was my kabasi ate
but come what may, they working the mayan calendar
and I stated, just let God handle the challenges
but when G.O.D.ís aí acronym for government intelligence
I just go back to family versing they malevolence
G. and D. is my [O] brothers, technically cousins
we all from the renaissance, seems rebeka was the mother
canít quite get it, but the time kept ticking
with my condition still hardly given any recognition
so these bricks is mine, and I strayed from the third degree
they want my blood on they clothes as if to murder me
but, so when philly get back to philly, we can talk business
Iím never relaxed, the l.a.x. best to check tickets
no disrespect, but the game belongs to me
Iím allah, and if itís all the same, address yíall calls to me
as to what the bloods of abel cried out in response to
if I work the cain, itís hard to soft, Iím aí rock dude
no fear of consequence at all, they know I paid dues
the God complex just best to know I ainít playing, trues...
...revelations of the shepherd to the wolf hunter...

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