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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread ( Please Sticky )

I rhyme 4 the girl who knows why the Caged Bird sings
but doesn't know Maya Angelou
she only wishes to erase the time
the sand that blew
in her hourglass every second feels like hours pass
she still smells the lingering oder of cigerettes and sour mash
keep your head up, Queen
move wise so you can power past this obstacle
if you have to
find a mob to tackle who attacked you
your physical virtue
don't let him hit you or hurt you
don't let you desert you
stand strong, here's a poem for you to lean on
I have a shoulder that can help hold the boulder of depression
despair can teach a lesson of repair
and while you learn this lesson, Queen, I'll always be there
and be aware
there are more who have survived, lived and prospered
NIGGA! If she don't want your offer, GET UP OFF HER!
plus, I heard in prison a rapist's ass is softer
enough about you
my thoughts are of her
We are already dead, and are replaying our lives at the judgment.
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