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I have transcended the hierarchy, the Holy Grail of Hip Hop/
for hood hoes in flip flops, fiends that pit stop for nick rocks/
for hoodlums who stick shops, for dope boys in big blocks/
for brothas that got they lips locked when they get knocked/
come drink from my brazen cup, but observe snakes that sup/
it came from up above, there ain’t no way I can make this up/
it’s straight abrupt, the way I used to slang all day wit thugs/
measured weights of drugs, went home and prayed on rugs/
now I obey in love, evade the flood so I don’t bathe in mud/
since John immersed me my sword’s thirsty for pagan blood/
so I wander far away to parts of Spain wit the mark of Cain/
endurin passing strain, my only food’s been Damascus grain/
now I fast and pray for a lasting way for me to handle pain/
from the acid rain that came from Heaven’s massive drain/
I feel condemned, meditate as I separate seeds and stems/
pen gems upon the hems of priests descended from Shem/
to end what began in Bethlehem, out from the virgin’s womb/
resurrection from a early tomb ain’t what the world assumed/
the remnant is deaf from the sonic boom, the comets zoom/
the chronic blooms, the product moves, bulemics vomit food/
priests in solitude, police is poppin tools to shoot Amadou/
what I’ma do is topple whoever brought this cup to the table/
whoever wrote and defended the remembered tender fables/
banish Cain to stables, raise Abel, disable the label of hater/
call James the Lesser who came later than James the Greater/
but James the Just was the one who was akin to the Savior/
no relation to the Vatican, that would be Anakim invaders/
Joses and Judas was the younger brothas from their mother/
all came as men and as men all suffered wit brains ruptured/
I kissed the Christ at the last supper in those final years/
I was the Christ’s premier pioneer, to me the price was clear/
I seen Him cryin tears, whoever touch Christ, I’ll slice his ear/
it’d suffice to fear what I’d do to ya, ask medusa or lucifer/
fought wars that’s nuclear, produced Methuselah, rebuked Jupiter/
I was born in Galilee, I escaped Calvary, displayed galleries/
slayed to make salaries, evaded the cowardly, prayed hourly/
now I’m seekin results, put the key in the vault, leadin the cult/
demons’ll sulk as I lead the assault of the Maccabeean revolt...
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