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Default Re: YES... WE ALL KNOW ABOUT 50 cent AND the WU-TANG BEEF

they been dissed a grip of times;

-david banner's boy dissed rza cuz rza was clowning southern artists
-kool keith aka "krog analog" dissed rza when rza adopted the bobby digital persona, hence the rza rebuttle, "fuck u analog niggaz we be digital."
-rae, ghost, rza and masta killa dissed 50 cent after that "How to rob" song
rae- Clyde smith skit
ghost- possibly "Ghost Deini," 2 nigga got stuck that night, i aint saying no names, they know who, thank you for the change.... supposedly, ja robbed 50
rza- "the abduction-" "bullet holes the size of 50 cent pieces"
masta killa- one blood under the w- "i use a 50 cent piece to test my aim"
method man possibly dissed nore- suspect chin niggaz- "cuz a bitch is sucking your dick on your skit, you aint thug-" nore is the self proclaimed "supa thug" and he also had a bitch sucking his dick on his skit
-cappa was dissed by beanie sigel- "your weaker than cappdonna's flow." cap retaliated numerous times on both the ying and the yang and the struggle.
-odb got into an altercation w/ akeneyle or the roots on stage one time.
-shyheim dissed stephon marbury- my brother's keeper (whole verse)
-gfk dissed manhattan rappers- guillotines(swordz)- "fearless rappers get slapped in manhattan for rapping/ big ghost steps off laughing"
-method man was briefly frueding with snoop during the filming of soulplane- snoop reportedly said both camps are beefing. method man was later scheduled to apologize on MTV, but instead clowned him some more lol.
thats all i know
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